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Dunkin For Dollars 3 V 3 Charity Tournament


Dunkin For Dollars is a non profit, charity, 3 on 3 tournament dedicated to raising and donating money to the organization PPI (Peace Players International). We the founders, Spencer Schwartz, Nathan Reed, and Zach Levine started this tournament for our Bar Mitzvah projects in 2016 and have continued it as an annual event. It is set up as normal, tournament style play, and we host approximately 10 teams. To date we have raised about $6,000. This year we aim to raise another $1,500. 


About PPI

PeacePlayers International is a non-profit organization that unites communities in conflict through basketball. PeacePlayers has three main goals: Bridging divides, developing young leaders, and changing perceptions.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us

Thank You

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